Street Advertising in Kinshasa

Street advertising is now everywhere in Kinshasa. Giant banners on building. It takes creative and original forms. Like the Vodacom “Congo Uni, Congo Fort”, very close to a political tagline with the obvious goal to touch the patriotic and national chord.20130213-190249.jpgOr the Tigo “Je te cash, tu me cash”, featuring one of Congo’s popular singers, targeting the ndombolo lovers. 20130213-190643.jpgAdversing surfs also on the social media wave; here the “Sois toi, sois sociable” from Airtel, which can be seen in front of the Memling hotel.20130213-203951.jpg
Another type of advertising is road safety messages. Below a huge banner explaining how to follow the newly installed (Chinese type!!) traffic lights.20130213-204348.jpg
Hey, by the way, you have 3G in Kinshasa, if you can afford it, of course…20130213-190723.jpg


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