Art Museum Louvre Lens

The new satellite art museum of the “Louvre” opened in Dec. 2012 in the industrial city of Lens, in Northern France. It displays objects from the collections of the Musée du Louvre and other well known museums that are lent to the gallery on a medium or long term basis.
20130106-010725.jpgThe “Time Gallery” proposes a unique journey in the history of worldwide art from the birth of writing in 3500 BC until the 19th century. A unbelievable and amazing museum experience not shown up to day in Europe : 5 millenniums of art in the same exhibition room …20130106-010832.jpgOne remarkable masterpiece is the painting of Fath Ali Shah (1797-1834), sovereign of the qadjare dynasty.20130106-012532.jpg
A description of all masterpieces displayed in the Time Gallery can be found on Wikipedia
More info on the museum at the Louvre Lens website.


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