Zongo Seli Safari Lodge

The Zongo Seli Safari Lodge is the only accommodation available directly next to the Zongo Falls. Despite very nicely furnished villas, the service was poor and not acceptable for the price range. It is very disappointing. Staff sleeping on sofa or watching tv all the time. Shower not working. Two or three hours to get the dinner served. Very basic meals at extremely high rate. Still a long way to go to reach the quality of the Kenyan Lodges !
However the nature is so beautiful that you can quickly forget these problems.
Come to Zongo for the amazing natural landscape and not for the lodge ….

More info at the Lodge’s website : http://www.zongo.cd.
20120912-150653.jpg20120912-150141.jpg20120912-150354.jpg20120912-150401.jpg20120912-150700.jpgSome villas were not finished yet but the staff was already camping in them!20120912-145855.jpgThere are other accommodation types : bungalows, “teepees” and tents. But some of them are still under construction …20120912-151434.jpg20120912-151424.jpg


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